About Taylor Devarie

Hi there! I earned a BA in English from UC Davis in 2012 and write/edit freelance while working part-time. I currently write for Soul Doctors, which will officially launch in 2016/early 2017! Check it out and give your best email to subscribe for the launch of the fully functional health directory!

Additionally, I work part-time for FedEx Express as a package handler to pay the bills, plus the benefits are great (and uncommon). I’ll admit, it’s awesome for keeping the weight off but pretty hard on the body.

I also have written for The Karmic Press: http://thekarmicpress.com/2014/08/luxury-meets-sustainability-at-noosa-biosphere/.  If you’re feeling generous with your time, check out a few articles on TKP. I guarantee you’ll learn something new and true.

Thanks so much for taking time out to peruse my page; it means a lot to me! If you want to check out what I’m saying elsewhere, you can find me on the following social media sites:
Twitter: @jeweldevarie

Instagram: @tjdevarie

Tumblr: Permasteady

Pinterest: Jewel Devarie

More to come!



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